Standalone Complete Foodconcepts for the fastfood industry: restaurants, leisure and foodtrucks.

We have several innovative FOODCONCEPTS if you want to start your new business,
or if you want to implement one of these products in your current catering business.
Every concept is a ready to start package deal, including everything you need to start succesfully.



POFFERTJES Electric equipment
POFFERTJES Gas equipment
Heart shaped POFFERTJES

PANCAKES (The Pancake-revolution)

BELGIUM WAFFLES : Liege waffles and Brussels waffles


These Foodconcepts are designed to use worldwide.
If you want to start your business in the Netherlands, please choose our DUTCH WEBSHOP

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  • Foodconcept Stroopwafels
    Foodconcept Stroopwafels

    This is the complete professonal start pack if you want to start making and selling Dutch Stroopwafels.

    All inclusive:

    Professional stroopwafelmachine Bakemaster with steel plates.
    220 volt, 2200 watt.Cutting station…

    € 1.965,85
  • -19%

    Foodconcept Pancakes
    Foodconcept Pancakes

    This is the perfect machine for making pancakes English, Dutch and German style
    and for French Crepes.
    This complete concept is developed for:

    Restaurants, Corporate canteens, hospital restaurants, worldkitchens,…

    € 1.750,00 € 1.425,00
  • -9%

    Foodconcept Poffertjes (elektrisch) 50 dops
    Foodconcept Poffertjes (elektrisch) 50 dops

    Compleet Foodconcept voor Poffertjes

    Dit concept bevat alles wat u nodig heeft om goed voorbereid van start te gaan en wordt geleverd met:

    Neumaerker Poffertjesplaat electrisch 50 dops, gietijzer 220 volt, 2200 watt.
    met zware…

    € 1.295,00 € 1.175,00
  • Foodconcept Poffertjes (Gas 70 holes)
    Foodconcept Poffertjes (Gas 70 holes)

    This is a complete professional foodconcept to make the original Dutch poffertjes.


    This foodconcept includes:

    Poffertjesgrill 70 holes, best quality.
    The grill is a standup model,
    dimensions: 65 x 53 x 26 cm

    € 1.875,00
  • Foodconcept Lovely Poffertjes
    Foodconcept Lovely Poffertjes

    The foodconcept Lovely Poffertjes is an exclusive concept of

    Making different artistic Poffertjes with love and joy.

    Your guests will not only enjoy the Lovely Poffetrjes but also feel happy to see them.


    € 915,00
  • Foodconcept Waffles de Liege
    Foodconcept Waffles de Liege

    The Belgium Waffle de Liege is easy to bake. It is lovely and sweet of its self but still more tastful with toppings and decoration. It is possible to bake them in front and serve or sell later.

    This foodconcept includes:


    € 1.148,00
  • -9%

    Foodconcept Waffles Brussels
    Foodconcept Waffles Brussels

    The Brussels waffle is crispy on the outside and very light on the inside. This makes it the perfect waffle for toppings such as fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

    The original Brussels waffle recipe is not that easy to make…

    € 983,00 € 899,00
  • -8%

    Foodconcept Crêpes de Paris - 1
    Foodconcept Crêpes de Paris - 1

    A complete concept for the Crepes baker.
    Consisting of;

    Crepesmachine 40 cm electrically
    Spatula 40 cm
    dough spreaders aluminum
    Invet and cleaning tampon
    Squeeze Bottle for oil
    Cleaning stone
    Plaatmes sharp Batter…

    € 980,50 € 899,00
  • Foodconcept Pizzawaffles
    Foodconcept Pizzawaffles

    NEW: - Another unique fast food innovation from PIZZA WAFFLES
    What is it?

    With a waffle iron you can bake a Pizzawaffle in 1.5 minutes. Using our wonderful Pizzawafelmix for the best result.

    € 375,00
  • Food concept Bubble waffles
    Food concept Bubble waffles

    Do you have an ice cream parlor, food truck or restaurant? With this complete food concept you are immediately ready to put the Bubble Waffles on your menu.

    Delivery includes:

    Professional Bubble Waffle machine incl timer.

    € 845,00
  • -5%

    Food concept Lolly waffles
    Food concept Lolly waffles

    Lollywafels food concept
    Waffles on a stick

    You see it at the funfair, the Christmas market, the amusement park or at the fair.
    Cheerful waffles on a stick, deliciously dipped in chocolate. In this food

    concept, we…

    € 1.050,00 € 999,00
  • Churros foodconcept
    Churros foodconcept

    Do you want to sell delicious freshly made Churros yourself in your foodtruck or in your shop?
    The Famous Churros company is ready for you. We provide you with a complete set of equipment, supplies, raw materials,

  • no image available

    Order 21141

    See invoice 21141 that we have send you.

    € 1.487,15
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