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  • poffertjes recipe
    poffertjes recipe
  • Poffertjesbaker Masterclass
    Poffertjesbaker Masterclass
  • Which Poffertjesmachine should I buy?
    Which Poffertjesmachine should I buy?
  • Butter curler
    Butter curler
    € 8,89
  • -28%

    Icing sugar 5 kg
    Icing sugar 5 kg
    € 17,95 € 12,93
  • Poffertjesfork professional
    Poffertjesfork professional
    € 19,95
  • Strainer for icing sugar
    Strainer for icing sugar
    € 8,25
  • -9%

    Stainless steel funnel
    Stainless steel funnel
    € 79,94 € 72,50
  • Sugar grid complete
    Sugar grid complete
    € 44,35
  • Copper poffertjes filling funnel
    Copper poffertjes filling funnel
    € 244,00
  • Poffertjesfork wood
    Poffertjesfork wood
    € 1,65
  • Poffertjesfork straight
  • Nutella Dispenser
    Nutella Dispenser
    € 556,00
  • -11%

    Cloth on a stick - to grease the poffertjesplate
    Cloth on a stick - to grease the poffertjesplate
    € 38,55 € 34,25
  • Button Pico Pof
    Button Pico Pof
    € 6,65
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Poffertjes / minipancakes


Our company is specialized in pancakes and poffertjes.
We help entrepreneurs all over the world with their business and setup.
We are the supplier for poffertjes equipment, and bakingmix for the mini pancakes worldwide.

We offer two kinds of bakingmix for poffertjes / minipancakes.
Dutch Poffertjesmix is available in 1 kg and 2,5 kg (other volumes are available at request)
and our famous Golden poffertjesmix, is only available in 10 kg bags.

WHAT is the difference?
Please start with our Dutch Poffertjesmix. This recipe is designed for easy operation and handling.
If you become a pro, than try our Golden Poffertjesmix.
This Golden poffertjesmix needs a bit more accuracy in temperature and timing compared with our Dutch poffertjesmix.

Clients worldwide love the taste, look and smell of our poffertjes.

We help and guide entrepreneurs and cooks in the hospitality industry to prepare our products at the highest quality possible,
through our quality materials / mix, the best equipment,
and personal training Our Academy provides trainings for:
Minipancakes – Pancakes- (stroop) waffles, and Crêpes
– So you can stand out.


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