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Stroopwafel equipment

Stroopwafel equipment 

What do you need to make your own stroopwafels? 

Of course you need a stroopwafel machine. 
Many ice cream cone machines are sold as stroopwafel machine, 
but that does not work well in practice. An ice cream cone wafer is considerably thinner than a stroopwafel. 
We sell budget stroopwafel machines, but our own design, the Bake-Master stroopwafel machine is the best buy choice. 

You will also need a knife and a cutting tray or cutting board to cut the waffles in half. 
Please note that the height of your worktop in relation to the cutting blade is ergonomically sound. 

You get the syrup hot from the syrup pan.
Our own brand syrup pan is completely made of stainless steel, has a thick bottom and a large capacity 
and a handy bridge to place the syrup spatula on. 
The syrup is best heated with our Model 2000 induction hob 
. The temperature can be adjusted in steps of 5°C. 

Cooling grids 
to let your freshly baked stroopwafels steam out. 

If you are going to bake indoors, for example in a shop, it can be useful to mount an extractor. 

Click HERE for our complete stroopwafel starter set. This way you are ready in 1 go.

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