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How to make the famous Dutch caramel cookie aka Stroopwafel ?

First, make the doug, and heat the stroop (caramel)

Cook the ball of dough on the special machine for about 1 minute at around 200 degrees celcius.
Cut (split) the cookie  
Spread the caramel filling at one side,
place the other side of the cookie on top of the caramel,
spread the caramel, and ready.

How to eat the stroopwafel?

Use a hot beverage like coffee or tea
Place your stroopwafel on top of your cup for 2 minutes.

The cookie gets warm and the caramel soft,
your beverage stays warm.



What do you need to make the stroopwafels ?

A stroopwafel machine,
a cutting station
a pan and heater for the stroop (caramel)
Dough balls for the cookies

How can we help.
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