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  • Chocolate sauce recipe
    Chocolate sauce recipe

    Fresh chocolate sauce (for about 25 people)

    − Bring 200 ml water with 200 g granulated sugar to the boil until you obtain a sugar water syrup.
    − Mix in over 400 g of melted black chocolate and a knob of fresh…

  • Spanish Churros recipe
    Spanish Churros recipe

    Churros is a typical Spanish dish. The churros are even eaten for breakfast in Spain, along with a cup of coffee and thick chocolate sauce in which the churros stand upright! And during the Christmas holidays, it is tradition for…

  • Pancake recipe
    Pancake recipe


    500 grams flour
    100 grams buckwheat
    3 eggs
    1.5 liters milk
    pinch of salt
    HOW TO MAKE IT Put the eggs and milk in a large bowl and mix together. You can do this with a hand mixer, but…

  • poffertjes recipe
    poffertjes recipe

    Take a bucket or mixing bowl. Fill with 0.7 liters of lukewarm water
    and 0.7 liters of lukewarm whole milk. Add;

    2 to 4 eggs
    120 grams fine sugar
    pinch of salt
    18 to 24 grams baking powder
    and 1 kg wheat flour. Mix and ready to…

  • Recipe for Brussels waffles
    Recipe for Brussels waffles

    Recipe for Brussels waffles
    Preheat the Brussels waffle machine for at least 15 minutes:
    - Connect the device.
    - Set the switch to 220°C.
    - Keep the waffle iron closed during preheating.

    Belgian waffles -…

  • Make your own Stroopwafels
    Make your own Stroopwafels

    Syrup waffle dough ingredients:
    240 g flour
    95 g yellow caster sugar
    80 g butter - at room temperature
    1 egg
    1 pinch of salt
    1 pinch of cinnamon powder
    Extra needed
    wrap kneecap iron
    skewer of 10 cm…

  • Liège waffles recipe
    Liège waffles recipe

    Want to make your own Liège waffles?
    Here's the recipe. Ingredients for 8 to 10 waffles.

    250 gram flour
    7 gram dried yeast
    1 teaspoon sugar (fine)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    115 gram lukewarm milk
    15 gram melted butter unsalted


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