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In our webshop you will find the best quality bakingmixes and all the needed materials and professional equipment.
EU and WORLD - We sell B2B

Our new address from July 1st  is;
J.Marisstraat 12 Marknesse The Netherlands.

For UK customers it is only possible to order by email

Our company is the # 1 supplier in Dutch Funfood materials.

We sell our famous bakingmixes for Poffertjes (Dutch mini Pancakes),
Stroopwafels and stroop, Pancakes Crepes Waffles and more. 
Our products are composed with the best ingredients for the perfect taste.

In addition to our own designed mixes, our customers also find us for for equipment, utensils, and disposables.

Our clients;
Pancakerestaurants, Poffertjes stands, Creperie, Lunchroom, Waffleshops, Catering companies, Foodtrucks, Fairgrounds,
Restaurants, Bowling alleys, Track racing, Zoo, Amusements park, Leisure, and many more. 

Stroopwafels/Poffertjes/Mini Pancakes/Dutch Poffertjes/Pancakes/American Pancakes/Crêpes and Galettes/Belgium waffles/Liege waffle/Brussels waffle/Bubbelwaffles/Waffles on a stick/Oliebollen/Dutch Donuts/
American Donuts/Spanish Churros/Pizza waffles and more.

Our baking mixes are from vandeMeester.com , specially developed for our customers.
The BEST in quality and taste, and allways easy to use. Only add water.

We love to help you expand and improve your business, with workshops and trainings
at our academy for stroopwafels Crepes and pancakes and Poffertjes (minipancakes) 
Trainings at our academy are available again, contact us for more information.

We get a lot of questions every day.
Please checq our FAQ    Maybe your question is allready answered there? Otherwise send us an email info@pannenkoekenwinkel.nl

We ship World Wide: please ask for a quote at info@pannenkoekenwinkel.nl

Shipping within Europe:
We ship within Europe daily.
Contact us for advise or more information.

Your VAT number will be validated at the checkout 
and rates will apply from there. 

Wholesale? Please contact us for a quote at info@pannenkoekenwinkel.nl

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our company or our academy for poffertjes, waffles, stroopwafels and pancakes. 

EXPORT: How can we help you to start or expand your business?

We sell our products worldwide.
Our products find their way around the world to:
Holland – Belgium – Germany – Danmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland– Lithuania - Hungary - Romania – Estland -Latvia – Poland – Slovenia – Servia – Croatia -Bulgaria – Italy – Zwitserland – Austria -Luxemburg – France – Spain – Portugal – Greece – Malta – United Kingdom – Ireland – Israel – Egypt – Bahrein – Saudi Arabia – Abu Dhabi – Lebanon – Irak – Iran – Libia - Ghana – Ivory coast – Guadeloupe – Cameroon – Marocco – Oman – Kazachstan  – Ukraine – United states of America – Canada – Greenland – Curaçao – South Africa – Mexico – Brasilia – Paraguay – Panama – Argentinia – Australia – New Zealand – India – Thailand –  Malaysia – Vietnam - Japan and China.

Export documents
We can help you with all documents needed for export outside Europe.
Please ask your customs agent/broker what documents are demanded for your country.

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