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Baking System

Het Neumaerker Baking system

Dit is een stand alone machine welke gebruikt kan worden voor vele doeleinden. De verwisselbare platen zijn leverbaar voor het professioneel bakken van pannenkoeken, wafels, donuts, churros en nog veel meer.

Er zijn 26 verschillende bakplaten beschikbaar.


The Neumarker Baking System for changeable baking plates

The system is one unit and can be used for 26 baking plates: countless possibilities! The baking plates with different shapes make the Baking System a real allrounder for catering. All kinds of waffles, with a filling or served on a stick, crêpes and galettes, donuts, sandwiches and baguettes, churros or self-made ice cones. Choose the additional plates suitable for your business.

• changeable baking plates (not included)
• with digital timer
• stainless steel casing
• thermostat
• pilot light
• on/off switch
• height-adjustable feet
• choose your additonal plates and accessories

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