All baking mixes

All Baking mixes 

One baker can't live without it, the other doesn't like it. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a baking mix? 

In our opinion, these are the biggest advantages: 

Saving time - no more weighing up ingredients, everything that belongs in it, is already there. 
Quality - always the same excellent quality with the baking mix. 
Hygiene- by working with egg powder in the baking mix, instead of fresh eggs, there is no risk of salmonella contamination. 

This is a whole-egg powder, a white-egg powder or a yellow-egg powder. These are checked for food safety and the suppliers are supervised by a laboratory. 


According to Tros Radar:

Apple pie, brownies, butter cake, cake and poffertjes: products that you can make with a baking mix. Such a baking mix mainly consists of flour. What are the pros and cons? 

In many cake, biscuit and cake mixes, the first mentioned product in the list of ingredients is sugar, according to a Radar tour of the Albert Heijn and Hoogvliet websites of various products from the Koopmans brand, the Albert Heijn private label and Dr. Oetker. Ingredients are listed based on their weight in a product, so if an ingredient is listed first, it contains the most. This is usually followed by wheat flour, and in some cases other types of flour such as rye flour, and starch. In addition to these ingredients, a baking mix usually contains raising agent, emulsifiers and salt. Some mixes contain spices such as cinnamon.

The first ingredient in pancake mix is ​​wheat flour, sometimes it also contains buckwheat flour. Sugar has been added to some mixes, especially the American pancakes mix. 

Raising agent 
Almost all mixes have a leavening agent, which can be recognized by the E number. Adding a leavening agent to your batter will make it rise. The dough will rise and your baking will become airy. If you bake bread using yeast, you will need to let the dough rise for an hour or longer. For other baking you usually use baking powder, that works immediately. 
Examples of leavening agents in baking mixes are (source: Nutrition Center): 

Known as sodium bicarbonate, it is a natural mineral extracted from rock salt or seawater. 
This is a calcium phosphate, it is a combination of phosphoric acid and other substances. It occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables and is also made artificially from phosphate rock. Calcium phosphates are also used to prevent dehydration of, among other things, meat. 
According to the Nutrition Center, an emulsifier is a substance through which fat and water mix well. The substance can be either natural or chemically produced. Without an emulsifier, the fat and moisture in the batter would repel each other. According to, emulsifiers ensure that the crust of bread gets a better color and emulsifiers improve the taste. 

You will often find these emulsifiers in baking mixes (source: Nutrition Center): 

This E number is better known as lecithin, it is mainly extracted from soybean oil and sometimes from egg yolk. In the ingredients list you sometimes see the E number as 'soy lecithin'. People who are allergic to soy can have an allergic reaction to lecithin. 
This artificial emulsifier is obtained from processed fatty acids. They are called mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. The fatty acids are almost always of vegetable origin, but they can also be of animal origin. The use of animal, and therefore also pork fat, cannot be ruled out. 

Are E numbers unhealthy?
Many products that you buy in the supermarket have all kinds of E numbers. E numbers are substances that are added to foods to improve the product. Think of flavor enhancers or dyes. Some E numbers are extracted from nature, others are made artificially in a factory. E-numbers are there fore very diverse, which is why it is difficult to say anything in general about the (un)healthy of all those added substances, according to foodwatch. 

Europe applies the principle that substances in our foodstuffs are always checked for safety first. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guarantees that E numbers have been checked for safe use. 


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