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Instant stroop powder

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This is an amazing new stroopwafel product to make stroop.

What is it

Instantstroop is a bucket with dry ingredients to make good quality stroop fast and easy.


Exporting the original buckets of stroop is problematic.
The buckets are fragile for damaging

Transport by airplane is expensive.

To ship by seacontainer is almost impossible.
The shelflife of the original strooop is about three months,
but the transport by sea can take two months easily.


This product - instantstroop, is ideal for the stroopwafelbakers outside of the Netherlands.
Just pour the content of the packaging in your cooking pan, add the right amount of water to it,
let it cook, and that`s all.

The content makes around 4,2 kg stroop.


Use a strooppan or big pan min.10 Ltr, use a induction cooker to cook the stroop.

Pour 700 ml (0,7 ltr) water into the pan.

Open the bucket of instant stroop. pour this content into the pan with the water.

Set the temperature of the inductioncooker to maximum at 240° C 
and the timer at 28 minutes. Stirr gently untill the content is liquid. That`s all.


By Dutch regulations the official shelflife is 1 year after production,
but the content stays good for many years, minimum 3 years.


We have tested our stroop powder in small batches,
and we are proud to announce that this is possible.
Use a small pan or saucepan,
fill with 400 gram of the strooppowder
add 70 ml (or 70 grams) of water.
Turn on the heat, and let the mixture cook for only 2 minutes.
Aaaand... ready ; )

Let it cool down to a safe temperature before use.
let us know how you experience is.

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