We sell our mix for our Dutch minipancakes worldwide.

At this moment allready to 27 countries.


Are you looking for a supplier four your Poffertjesmix from Holland

to make an income or profit ?

Our company helps entrepreneurs to become a professional
with our advise, training, groundmaterials, and the best equipment and utensils.


We sell our poffertjesmix to clients worldwide.

Shipping is possible by post, carrier, truck plane or by sea.
It depends of the quantity what is your best option.


Visit our company in The Netherlands
we provide trrainings for poffertjes, minipancakes, big pancakes, crepes, waffles and caremelwaffles / stroopwafels in our classroom / poffertjesacademy.


Order your poffertjesmix / minipancakemix online in our webshop;

We also offer a great wafflemix, crepemix, and mix for Churros.


Our equipment – do you choose gas or electric.

We love to advise you about the diffrences

and what would be the best choice in your situation.

We want you to have the best product possible, so your clients will come back for more, and more.


Try our special stainless steel funnel to fill the holes with the poffertjesbatter with ease.


Why is our poffertjesmix the best choice ?

We give you the very best in taste, beautifull golden colour, very fluffy on the inside, very easy to bake.


Our assortimet of baking mixes are: Pancakemix, wafflemix, stroopwafelmix, churrosmix, crepesmix, Russian blinimix, American Pancakemix, Aebleskivermix.


A Dutch poffertje is very diffrent from a Aebleskiver or a blini.
As Pancake specialistst we help you to operate at the highest level.


Our customers are corporates big and small,
like restaurants, fastfood restaurant, coffeeshop, lunchroom, icecream parlour, and foodtrucks.

For big savoury pancakes we have a state of the art concept.


Bake a topquality pancake of 30 cm in only one minute
Without any stress, heat or fysical strain.

This is only possible with our German quality pancake machine

and our specially designed pancakemix for Easy pancake machines

So you ca have the best profit possible in the pancake industry.


Curious at our products ?

Do you see opportunities for your business, or even in your country?


Please contact us for cooperation and sales.




Dirk Okhuijsen Whatsapp 0031 6218 42744 from 09 to 21



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